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New Site!

Ford Bohrmann

I've redesigned the Soccer Statistically site! Instead of using Blogger in the domain name, the site is now, which is nice. I've also redesigned the entire website with a new banner design. Here are some of features on the site:

Blog: The blog is exactly the same, and is the also home page of the site. Nothing new here.

Statistical Applets: There is now a menu option called Statistical Applets. Under this are two options, Expected Points Added and Outcome Probability Calculator. The first is a table of the EPL leaders in Expected Points Added, a metric I created a while ago that takes in to account the true value of each goal when ranking goal scorers. For more information, you can read here. The Outcome Probability Calculator lets you enter information about a team in a game, and then gives you the probability of each type of outcome. For example, you could enter the 34th minute, at home, leading by 1, and see the probability of the team winning, drawing, and losing.

About Me: Just an about me page, with a contact us form link.

If you have any comments or suggestions on the design for the new site, I'd love to hear him. I'm working on adding some more statistical applets to that section for the future, which I'm excited about. Hope you like it!