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Soccer Statistically-New Opinion Section

Ford Bohrmann

I'm very excited to say that Soccer Statistically is adding another writer. As you can probably see, there is now a 4th tab at the top of the site called "Opinion". This will essentially be a different blog within the Soccer Statistically site. The articles won't use stats and will be opinion pieces mostly focused on the US Men's National Team. Don't worry, nothing about the normal Soccer Statistically blog will be changed, we are just adding another part of the site. The new "Opinion" tab differentiates the normal Soccer Statistically blog from the new "Opinion" blog. This current post is a part of the new opinion section of the website. 

The new writer's name is Alex Arthur, a sophomore English and Economics major at Tufts University in Boston. It turned out that Alex followed my blog, and wanted an outlet to start his own writing. He is a good friend of one of my high school friends, and I met him while staying at Tufts before the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference last weekend. We talked about soccer for a while, especially the US Men's National Team, and I quickly figured out he knew a lot about soccer. I also think it's cool to keep with the theme of college aged writers.

Why the expansion? To be honest, I had never planned to add another writer or section to the site. However, I think that Alex really knows his stuff, and will provide a lot of great articles. You can read more about him on the About Us section. You can also follow him on Twitter @SoccerStatUSMNT. Alex will have some USMNT articles up soon, and hopefully they'll create some good interest and discussion.