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Momentum in Bolton vs. Manchester City

Ford Bohrmann

Now that some of the advanced data set has been released by Manchester City's performance analysis department it's a good time to start delving in to the data to see what kind of analysis can be done. Although the advanced data set is only for one game-- Bolton vs. Manchester City from last season-- there is still A LOT of data to look at.

The advanced data contains (x,y) location information of every statistic that is kept. This is valuable information, as it obviously tells exactly where each event happened in the game. I was interested in how this information can be used, specifically to look at momentum and passing trends.

Previous Work

Some work has already been done in the soccer analytics community on trying to quantify and analyze momentum. The Analyse Football looked at momentum shifts from this same game, although in a different way. The Soccer by the Numbers blog looks at momentum in football in a much more general way.

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Dealing with the MCFC Analytics Advanced Data Release

Ford Bohrmann

I wanted to point out an excellent blog post from the blog Professor Pepper's Assistant.

If you're an R user and are having trouble dealing with the Advanced MCFC Analytics XML data file, the link above provides the code to pull the data in to a data frame in R. After this it is easy to perform whatever analysis you want on it.

I'll admit the code above is beyond my limited R skill level, but I know that it works. I'm excited to start doing some analysis, although the advanced data set is only for one game from last season at this point.